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We understand how important it is to give your pup the best, which is why our Loki's Apple Crisp Treats are crafted with natural, locally sourced ingredients without any artificial additives. Featuring a delicious blend of almond flour, eggs, Washington Red Apples, and cinnamon - making for an irresistible snack that even the pickiest pups can't resist! Our treats include anti-inflammatory properties from the cinnamon too, so you can help keep your pup healthy and happy. Give them a treat they'll love without any worries - Loki's Apple Crisp Treats!

Plus, they're human-grade, so it's easy to have peace of mind knowing that your pup is getting only the best. Trust us - with a snack this tasty, you'll have your pup begging for more! So what are you waiting for? Try out Loki's Apple Crisp Treats today and give your pup the perfect snack. The natural ingredients will leave your pup feeling full and happy - they won't be able to get enough!

Now that you know about our special treats, why not let your pup in on the fun? With Loki's Apple Crisp Treats, you can give your pup an all-natural snack that they won't be able to resist. So why wait? Try out our treats and see for yourself how much your pup loves them! Your pup will thank you - trust us.

Loki's Apple Crisp Biscuits

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  • Loki's Apple Crisp is made with Almond Flour, Eggs, Washington Apples (no core or seeds), and Cinnamon.  This product is great for the stomach and Cinnamon is a natural anti inflammatory.  So this is great for middle age to older dogs.  Or just a great treat for all puppies.  Package...

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