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  • What is in the Beefy Bacon Biscuits?
    SIMPLE AND PURE: Made with wholesome ingredients that allow for easy dige stion with nothing artificial. Delicious mix of flavors from locally sourced ingredients lets you give even the pickiest dogs a worthy snack or treat. CRAFTED BY HUMANS, LOVED BY DOGS: Made with 100% natural ingredients, these biscuits are human.
  • Is the Skipper's Peanut Butter Biscuits really made with Peanut Button?
    Yes! One Pound or 16 oz. of Skippers Peanut Butter Biscuits, made with real creamy peanut butter and almond flour. Nothing but deliciousness for your Dog. Item is packaged in a heat sealed stand up pouch that is re sealable after opening.
  • Are the Harley's Treats Sweet Pawtato Chips made with potatoes?
    Yes! But they are made of healthy Sweet Potatos. 4 0z of healthy Sweet Potato chips. Your pet will love these and they are healthy and very low calorie. These healthy treats are great for pets with stomach problems or overweight pets. Dehyradted for long shelf life.
  • Can my aging dog benifit from the Loki's Apple Crisp Treat?
    Yes! Loki's Apple Crisp is made with Almond Flour, Eggs, Washington Apples (no core or seeds), and Cinnamon. This product is great for the stomach and Cinnamon is a natural anti inflammatory. So this is great for middle age to older dogs. Or just a great treat for all puppies.
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