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Our Story

As a dog owner, Tony was tired of seeing the long ingredients listed on the back of big-brand dog treats and wanted a healthier option for his pups, Harley and Bella. Sadly, those "healthier" options came with hefty price tags and STILL contained too many ingredients. That's when the light bulb turned on, and Tony went to work, crafting and creating healthy, all-natural dog treats with minimal, affordable ingredients for the everyday American.
What started as a dream in the kitchen of an RV and selling treats at a single Farmers' Market, Harley's Treats USA has grown by leaps and bounds in just over two years. We are now available at Farmers' Markets in Washington, Arizona, and Florida. Now, we have our very own storefront and production facility in Mesa, Arizona. Throughout all this growth, we have stuck to Tony's vision: limited, natural, and healthy ingredients at an affordable price while hiring US Military Veterans and their family 

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Tony & Theresa Richardson


After 32 years of combined service in the Minnesota Army National Guard (8 years) and the United States Army (24 years), Tony is focusing on his real passion; dogs and ensuring they receive the best quality treats and food at an affordable price. Along with his wife, Theresa, they are the bedrock of Harley's Treats USA and keep the team and family together to provide the greatest quality service to you and your pets!

We know what we're talking about!

To back up what we're saying about our treats, Tony has earned his certification as a Pet Nutrition Coach. This is just the first step of many to ensure we are always at the forefront when learning the best ways to bring healthy and natural nutrition to your pets every day with our products. 

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Goldstar Peak Non Profit

Harley's Treats USA remembers and honors Fallen Veterans and their Survivors through donations to Gold Star Peak, Inc. from sales of our all natural dog treats.

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Gold Star Peak, Inc. on our healthy and delicious Beef Liver Bites!

$2 from every bag purchased will be donated directly to Gold Star Peak, Inc. to support the awesome mission they are doing.

The idea for Gold Star Peak, Inc began with a project to name an unnamed peak near the Chugach State Park in Alaska. The peak, now named “Gold Star Peak”, was named to honor the families who lost a loved one while serving in the military. No one has given more to our country than the families of our fallen: our Gold Star Families. The naming of the peak was a very small token of our appreciation for the unthinkable sacrifices they have endured. Gold Star Peak quickly turned into something much bigger as the connection among Gold Star Families and Veterans, especially in nature, is a connection where many walk away feeling an enormous sense of healing.

Mission: To bring Veterans and Survivors together in nature to remember and honor the fallen and bring healing to all.

Vision: To improve the wellbeing of military Veterans and the Gold Star Families of service members who have given their lives in time of war, through education, support and advocacy.


We're happy to say that we are official sponsors for the 2022 David E. Grange, Jr. Best Ranger Competition

The competition has evolved over the past thirty years from one that was originally created to salute the best two-man “buddy” team in the Ranger Department at Fort Benning. Every year the competition is reviewed and tweaked, to what is currently in place for this year, to determine the best two-man team from the entire United States Armed Forces.

The Best Ranger Competition is held on Fort Benning and is open to the public. For more information call 706-718-0300 or ARTB at 706-544-6451.


The National Ranger Association, Inc. was formed in 1998 and is governed by a board of six. The Association was established to recognize distinguished members in the Ranger community and to promote the values established in the Ranger Creed. The National Ranger Association helps to raise funds to support The Best Ranger Competition, The Ranger Hall of Fame and the Distinguished Member of the Brigade. Contact Travis Pheanis for more information on how you can contribute to The National Ranger Association.

For more information check out the Best Ranger Competition website at



We've teamed up with Gurrs and Purrs Dog Rescue to provide awareness of rescued dogs available for adoption through our packaging and social media pages to ensure they make it to the perfect home. 

Gurrs and Purrs Dog Rescue is a Nonprofit Animal Shelter located in Yelm, WA that is dedicated to finding forever homes for abandoned and surrendered pups. They can be reached at and share available rescued dogs on the website

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