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Benji's Breath Mints: The Natural Way to Freshen Your Pup's Breath!

Refreshingly Pure Ingredients

Give your furry friend the gift of a fresh, minty breath with our all-natural Benji's Breath Mints. Specially crafted for dog lovers who care about their pup's health and wellness, each mint is a blend of real mint leaves and raw honey—ingredients you know and trust.

Wholesome Simplicity

Our philosophy is simple: fewer ingredients for a healthier pup. That’s why Benji’s Breath Mints contain only six ingredients or less. We believe in the power of pure elements to provide a breath freshener that’s as nourishing as it is effective.

Made in the USA by Veterans

Not only will you be supporting your dog's oral health, but you'll also be giving back to the community. Benji's Breath Mints are proudly made in the USA by Veterans. Each purchase contributes to the support and empowerment of our service men and women.

Key Benefits:

  • Real Mint Leafs: For that genuine, refreshing taste and naturally fresh breath.
  • Raw Honey: A touch of sweetness that dogs love, with the natural benefit of enzymes for oral health.
  • Health-Conscious: With no more than six ingredients, you can be confident that you’re not introducing your pet to unnecessary chemicals or fillers.
  • Veteran-Made: Your purchase helps support the amazing work of US Veterans.
  • Proudly American: Locally produced to ensure quality and integrity.

Perfect for dog owners who value health-focused treats for their canine companions, Benji's Breath Mints are the ideal way to cater to your pet’s needs while supporting a good cause. Let the tail-wagging and happy kisses begin with the minty freshness of Benji's!

Benji's Breath Mints

Price Options
$13.59every month until canceled
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