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The History of How Dog became Man’s Best Friend

By: Jessica Long

Dog has been Man’s best friend for thousands of years now, they are in fact humans longest domesticated companion. Have you ever wondered how the human and the furry warm nosed companion’s relationship evolved? Based on DNA evidence most researchers are led to believe that dogs descended from a group of gray wolves, that since have become distinct. It is believed that the gray wolves figured out that they had a better chance for survival if they hung around the early hunters and gathers and scavenge off their food rather than hunt alone.

In return the human started taking in the wolve pups and socializing them from infancy. Wolves’ function in a hierarchy manner, so humans quickly became the Alpha “that they must obey.” The companionship continued to grow as the humans could train and use the wolves for their savvy sense of smell and amazing speed. They also used the more domesticated wolves for physical warmth and early detection of predators. In return the wolves benefitted from this friendship, due to humans being able to offer the wolves a reliable food source.

Over time, the animals accepted this relationship and evolved into increasingly obedient companions until, many generations later, we had domesticated dogs and the gray wolves they originally descended from unfortunately died out.

This is obviously just a brief overview of the development of this extraordinarily complex happening but how interesting to know that as far as we can look back that our beloved dog has always been at our side. Reward that loyal, trusted companionship of man’s best friend with one of our new treat bundles to show your furry friend just how much you care.

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