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Raw vs Kibble diet

Raw vs kibble has become at times a heated debate between pet breeders, owners and veterinarians. What is a raw diet one may ask? What is wrong with kibble for my pet it has been in existence for years. What are the advantages or disadvantages to these diets? It comes down to people don't know what they don't know.

We hear about this thing called a raw diet for our pets and people wonder what it is. This needs be put out there for all. The raw diet for your pet is not just throwing a pound of ground chuck or quartered chicken into their dish. Like humans we need a well-balanced diet, and for our pets this is no different. There is math and science that goes into any diet. While there is nothing wrong with ground beef or chicken you need much more to ensure your pet is getting the needed essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

We have been feeding our pets kibble for years so what's wrong with it. This is true we have and believe it or not in the 70's a pets life expectancy was much longer than today. To be honest it is not the problem with the kibble or the concept. The problem is in two areas, the process in which it is made and the fillers that are put in the foods to save money. The process many of the kibbles out there are flash cooked at 500 degrees or higher. The problem is that this causes carcinogens to be in the food your pet is eating. I like to use the analogy that your pet is now smoking a pack of cigarettes. The second issue is in the fillers that are used in kibble. The large corporations are in it to make money and really do not care what happens next.

So some of the advantages of feeding a raw diet. After a few days you will notice less water intake, your pet will defecate less, and you will notice them just being happier or more playful. Some of the disadvantages are that you will have to make sure your pet eats it all at one time. No more leaving the food out all day for them to eat at their leisure. You will have to wash the dish to ensure there is no food contamination. Please do not feed your pet raw pork as this can cause some serious stomach issues.

Some of the advantages of feeding your pet kibble. These are simple it is easier, and you can leave it out all day long. Your pet should be able to get the minimum nutrient requirements per FDA, and AFCO guidelines. Some of the disadvantages are they will need to consume more water. Your pet may defecate several times a day. Due to the process the kibble is made your pet may contract cancer. Cancer is the number one killer in our pets today.

The debate is there for you to do your due diligence in your own research to make an informed decision. There are advantages and disadvantages for any pet owner to take into consideration. The main goal is to keep the Vet bills down and have a long healthy life with your pet.

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