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New Products!

If you've been following our socal media pages we're sure you've seen that we've expanded our jerky product line to bring some amazing treats to our feline friends as well!

With our new Beef Liver Bites and Sardine Snacky Snacks we've got the perfect treats for your puppers and kitties.

Both of these products have amazing nutritional benefits for your pets while keeping our promise of using simple, healthy ingredients. Each of our new jerky products are made with just one single ingredient, so the name on the bag is exactly what you're getting. There is no guessing about what mystery ingredients are being used to make these delicious and healthy treats for your furry friends.

To celebrate the launch of these products we're offering a special Buy 1 Get 1 Free of our Beef Liver Bites 5oz through August 15th. Just place two of them in your cart and use the code BOGO22 at checkout to unlock this deal. Don't wait until the special ends!

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