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Vegetable Glycerin

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

It has been said that Vegetable glycerin, a commonly used product within the food, cosmetic, as well as pharmaceutical industries, was found indirectly, as a result of heating a mixture containing both olive oil and Lead monoxide.


Thanks to the accidental discovery of Vegetable Glycerin, we now have this sugary-sweet syrup. But, “all sugar ain’t sweet”. The liquid comprised of vegetable fats is essentially the opposite of natural, despite it frequently being listed as so. Although, this substance is fabricated through the heating of oils, such as, palm, soybean, etc., the process undergone is demonstrative of a chemical reaction. Once the oils are heated, with the intention of separating the vegetable fats, the byproduct is now a chemically altered substance. This substance cannot be found naturally in our foods and such, therefore, the placement of any potentially harmful glycerin's goes against the brand of Harley’s Treats USA and our goal of providing healthy, all natural dog treats.


Man’s best friend does not have much control over the food they intake, and let us be honest, Harley may be perfectly content with last night’s frozen pizza. However, it is our job as owners to provide our 4-legged best friends with the best of the best. Vegetable glycerin, unfortunately, is just not that. Most of the appeal of this chemically manufactured solution is derived from its taste and ability to retain fusion between included oil and water-based components within the product. It is added primarily as a humectant stabilizer, which works directly against spoilage, and mold formation, by keeping mindful of the moisture levels available within the product. It is a form of sugar-alcohol that if ingested in copious amounts, may be responsible for dizzy spells, nausea, excessive thirst, headaches, projectile vomiting, as well as the overall abdominal and rectal discomfort following ingestion and consumption. The reality of this substance being a sugar-alcohol is precisely why this occurs. Because the body is not equipped to fully absorb it, the glycerin may lead to cause gas and diarrhea. Generally, this additive is nutritionally void, meaning Harley would get no real nutritional value from her dinner. Although, it may be referred to as a “natural humectant” because of its chemical basis, that is far from the truth. Sometimes, the bar is even pushed to the point where the glycerin is actually made synthetically, introducing a new plethora of risks. In order to ensure a safe and non-toxic diet for our best friends, it is right to generally avoid this additive entirely. Here at Harley’s Treats USA, we are constantly trying to work towards the real definition of natural and the use of vegetable glycerin does not align with that mission.

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