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By: Jessica Long

ANXIETY, my guess is by now, we’ve all experienced the nagging feeling of anxiety. Whether that anxiety is caused by all the change going on in the world, an upcoming move, or just the hand the good lord gave us, we all agree that anxiety is NO FUN & unfortunately, our dogs are not exempt from this restless feeling.

What is Anxiety?

Well, stress is the body’s method of reacting to a condition such as a threat, challenge, or physical and psychological barrier. Stress is a normal part of life and is necessary to help us grow and learn. However, when stress continues and is not dealt with appropriately, it can lead to anxiety. Chronic stress can lead to a multitude of physical issues, GI disease, inflammation and even has been linked to cancer.

How do we identify stress and anxiety in our dogs?

· Excessive yawning

· Panting excessively when at rest

· Whimpering or crying

· Destroying furniture, curtains, etc.

· Excessive licking

· Appears more irritable

· Wide-eyed

· Flattened ears

· Low body posture

Sometimes a dog’s anxiety is exhibited in a very subtle way and other times it may be quite obvious.

Food is a holistic way we can help lower our pet’s anxiety. Supplying our pups with an optimal diet of REAL food, as a balanced diet is crucial, will go a long way. So, what are some anxieties fighting foods we can include in our pups’ diet? At Harley’s Treats USA we have been doing our research in order to help us better provide quality treats that will help keep our dogs brain and body in a happy, healthy state.

We have found that beef liver, salmon, blueberries, eggs and sweet potatoes are among some of the top foods that help lower a dog’s anxiety and that is why we include these foods in our treats. Antioxidants have been found to be a helpful tool in curbing anxiety levels, as well as regulating blood sugar. That’s why both blueberry and sweet potato are prime ingredients when focusing on your dog’s diet. The fatty acids, amino acids and zinc we find in eggs, salmon and beef livers also help promote a healthy immune system leading to less anxiety in our animals as well.

Now that you have the knowledge, let our team at Harley’s Treats USA do the work for you, as we do the research and continue to prioritize on creating the most well rounded, healthy products for your beloved pooch!

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