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Good news is coming soon!

By: Jessica Long

Did you hear the good news? What is this good news I speak of you ask? Well, Harley’s Treats USA is working toward releasing a new line of dog food called Harley’s Eats. Harleys Eats dog food will stick with the same goals as our biscuits and jerkies, as it will continue to be made of minimal all real food ingredients without added chemicals.

We pride ourselves on continuing to educate ourselves on what is best for both dogs and cats. We take the time to research so that we know we are bringing you the most beneficial product for your canine. According to Dr. Marty who is a world renown vet of 45 years, the artificial preservatives, additives, heavy grains, and low-quality proteins in many commercial pet foods can speed up signs of aging and contribute to serious health issues. At Harley’s Treats USA we hope to provide a simple whole food option for your animal.

The ingredient list in Harley’s Eats are simple, pure, & beneficial to your pup’s health. Containing ground beef, beef liver, beef heart, veggies & berries.

If you think about it, every day we try to support the health of our pups by providing them with walks, checking them for fleas, brushing out their coats and making sure to show them plenty of love and affection. We do this because we love our pets and want to make sure they are healthy. Often, we forget to think on the deeper level of the internal health of our dog and this comes from diet. Are we providing them with adequate fuel? Are we providing them with food that will preserve the health of their digestive system? Or are we packing them with artificial chemicals and ingredients that we find in most of the leading dog food brands and then questioning why they aren’t aging well or why they are dealing with so many allergies and digestive issues. We must realize the power of what we put in our pet’s body.

Providing your dog with a high-quality dog food such as Harley’s Eats can have immediate benefits.

What are some of the benefits of high-quality dog food?

1) Muscle tone.

Much like human’s, dogs need protein-based food to grow and retain muscle. Muscle is important on a dog because muscle provides good support & stability for the dog’s joints. Not only is protein important for bone protection but protein also works to help continually repair the cells in our canine friend’s body. The ground beef, beef heart and liver we will be using in Harley’s Eats perfectly supplies this to our fury friend.

2) Energy Level

Whole food dog foods supply our dogs with the best energy. The more they can absorb and digest the better fuel they have. You will find many of the leading brands use fillers, and those fillers just go in one end and out the other and are not adequately absorbed by our pets. As in humans, if the dog is not absorbing those calories properly then the pup does not use those calories.

3) Shinier/ Healthier coat

Healthy oils are essential to the health of our dog’s coat. These fats can take a dull coat to a beautiful glossy coat in no time. Harley’s Eats will have plenty of healthy fats in its formula and will transform your pets coat health in no time.

Continue to follow our blog for updates on the release of Harley’s Eats and the health benefits that will come from switching over to a whole food option for your dog’s diet!

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